We spotted this sleeping beauty out on the plains in Yellowstone National Park with her coyote mate. Both were just chilling out, not a care in the world. This was taken during mating season, so presumably their den was very close. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to follow the story of their world. We wish them well!

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  1. dani davis reply

    Hello, we purchased the other print of the wolf that is mate to this one. We are interested in purchasing this print also. We purchased the other one at the winter park fl art festival. What dimensions do you have? The one we have is 11 by 13 but we might be able to go for the longer one we saw on display there. Hope to hear back from you and thank you, Dani Davis & Lauren Walker Orlando, fl

    • Michelle Cobble

      Hi Dani & Lauren!

      We have her in the same 11 x 13 that is identical to the one you have or the other options are 40 x 11 and 60 x 17. The prices will vary depending on if it is unframed or we go with the standard or premium frame. Let me know what you’re thinking and I can narrow down the prices for you. We’re so excited that you love our coyotes! Feel free to call if you have any questions. 727-510-5936

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