Oh what an exhilarating time we had capturing this big guy. A lot of firsts on this day. First time in a float plane – super cool! First time being dropped in the wilderness and left alone (satellite phone included). First time walking up a small salmon infested, s-curved creek in search of bears to photograph. Let me just say – it was the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life and I would do it again! My husband and I started out thinking we would walk along the creek in search of bear but soon realized that was not a good idea. Too many obvious bear trails, dead fish and bear scat. Our best option was to go down the middle of the creek. We could hear the bears everywhere and as we were walking in the creek, the salmon would cluster, swarm and splash away from us…kinda like a dinner bell sound. Every corner revealed a bear, who would let us photograph him for a few minutes then he would wander off into the woods. Didn’t take me long, even not being a rocket scientist, to figure out that if we wanted to move forward we were going to walk right by the woods that bear just walked into. It was amazingly intense! We have to thank the great staff at Scenic Mountain Air and Vern Kingsford in particular for getting us there and back. The flight itself was beyond spectacular.

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